Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Egypt’s Environment Ministry Announces New Environmentally Friendly Transport Project

Egypt’s Environment Ministry has just announced on its official Facebook page the beginning of a new project to overhaul the country's public transport system.

Staff Writer

The Ministry of Environment is cooperating with the UNDP and with the ministries of the interior, transport, housing, utilities, and urban development to implement a sustainable public transport model across Egypt. Other parties involved will be the governorates of Cairo, Giza, Fayoum, Monofeya, and private sector entities.The initial phase of the project will focus on significantly lowering fuel consumption, improving air quality, reducing noise caused by heavy traffic, and encouraging car-owners to opt for public transport to gradually reduce Egypt’s chronic issues of traffic congestion. The second phase will be to build pavements and lanes for pedestrians and cyclists respectively, which will begin in the governorates of Fayoum and Shibeen El Kom.

The third phase of the project will be the upgrading of the electronic signalling systems informing drivers of the available spaces in Downtown Cairo’s various multi-storey and underground car parks. The fourth phase will be the building of fully-integrated centres specialising in carrying out technical and environmental check-ups on cars in the governorate of Cairo.