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Egypt's First Bike Polo Field is Now Open in Future City

During their grand opening event on July 30th, you'll have a chance to introduce yourself to the fresh urban sport of bike polo and learn all the intricacies of smacking a ball around on bike-back.

Imagine polo, but with bikes instead of horses. Yeah, turns out Bike Polo is a thing, and this niche urban sport has shred its way into Egypt. Equipped with mallets and loads of adrenaline, Cairo Bike Polo Academy has partnered with Bikes Park in Future City to establish the first Bike Polo Stadium in Africa and the Middle East, where they’re going to put on a grand opening event  on July 30th.

Know absolutely nothing about Bike Polo, but psyched to smack a ball around while trying not to fall over? That’s fine, you’re encouraged to come on over anyway - Cairo Bike Polo Academy’s opening event will feature an introduction of the sport as well as a general overview of its history, rules and tactics. You will be able to bring your own set of wheels and give the sport a go under the guidance of Cairo Bike Polo Academy players.

The opening will include a match between two teams of Cairo Bike Polo Academy players, and will conclude with a ceremony honouring the winning team. Ready to give Bike Polo a spin? You can contact Bikes Park’s Facebook page for a free invitation to attend.