Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Learn to Parachute in Egypt!

Kicking off their latest course this weekend, Alia Parachuting Academy will make your wildest dreams come true...

Staff Writer

Come on, at some point or another we've all thought about it. Jumping from a plane to escape enemy spies and parachuting away triumphuntly, or making a kick-ass entrance into a Fairmont roof top party, tux and all.

Well, your fantasies are about to become reality as we've just stumbled upon Alia Parachuting Academy, Egypt's first certified private academy, specialised in static line jumping training.

Their next parachuting course begins 2nd of May in Heliopolis at El Ghaba Club and is inviting adrenaline junkies across Egypt to take part. The training is from six to eight weeks, four days a week, after which you will go through an assessment that will allow you to actually jump from a C130 plane!

Aside from the once in a lifetime jump, everyone who completes the course successfully will be registered as a member of the Egyptian Sport Parachuting & Aeronautic Federation and get the federation's license and a recognition certificate.

Before you start thinking Egyptian safety procedures and parachuting don't mix, be safe in the knowledge that "trainees in the academy are supervised and supported by certified instructors, a nutrition expert, a physical therapist and a professional photographer." We're not sure how the professional photographer will save your life, but it'll give you a gamed profile picture or two.

The course fee is 850 LE, plust a 150 LE federation fee and 500 LE for the actual jump. The cost of the look on your mother's face when you tell her you're going parachuting? Priceless.

Check out their fanpage for more info.