Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Egypt's First Monorail Cars Installed at New Administrative Capital

Egypt has installed their first monorail cars in the New Administrative Capital, as part of 6th of October celebrations.

Cairo Scene
As part of the 6th of October celebrations, Egypt has installed the nation’s first monorail car in the New Administrative Capital, right in front of Al Masa Hotel. The monorail project - which consists of one line running from the New Administrative Capital to 6th of October City, and another line from 6th of October City to Mohandessin - is part of a major overhaul of Egypt’s public transportation system, spanning 98.5 km in length over 35 stations. The monorail cars themselves are outfitted with informative LED screens, spaces reserved for passengers with wheelchairs, and safe paths between each car for greater convenience amongst passengers and to facilitate emergency evacuations. Each monorail line will be able to accommodate 600,000 passengers per day, with the entire trip from the beginning to the end of the New Administrative Capital-6th of October City line expected to take about 42 minutes to complete.