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Egypt’s Microbuses through the Eyes of This Trippy Artist

Microbuses will never look the same.

What even is art? Paintings? Trees? Public transportation? You?

In a world as diverse and contemporary as ours, anything and everything can, with enough fervour, become an artistic expression of varying depth and calibre. This sentiment, coupled with a list for seeing things that aren’t terrible, played a hand in the discovery of an entity we only know as ‘’Before even walking into the art side of things, something initially caught my eyes.

Right. Moving forward, if one were to describe the mélange of visual stimuli that one is introduced to as soon as the fucking Internet loads the page, it would have to be publique transcendance.  Every Egyptian worth their salt knows about TRAMCO, the venerable supplier of Egypt’s various public transportation buses and other multi-wheeled vehicles. However, not many can see past the cramped seats and lifelong melancholy that comes with the morning commute, and peer into the metaphysical forces ultimately fuelling their to and fro.  Not until Señor entered the Instagram art scene.We can just call it a day and throw around words like ‘vivid’, ‘striking’ and ‘surreal’ to describe Eltramco’s work, but the way we see it, it’s basically a depiction of the degradation of Egyptian infrastructure, morality, common decency, and most of all, public fucking transportation.We highly appreciate the brand of creativity and inventiveness that somebody like EL Tramco has to offer for the world, and for better or worse, the Egyptian community.

Check out more trippy microbuses on El Tramco