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Egypt’s National Football Team Recruit the Legendary ‘Kebdet El Prince’ as Official AFCON Caterer

Brilliant decision. Everyone deserves to eat El Prince everyday.

Egypt’s National Football Team Recruit Legendary Restaurant ‘Kebdet El Prince as Official AFCON Caterer

Being part of the training camp of Egypt's national football team comes with a lot of perks. For one, you have an entire nation rooting for you and looking for any window to show their support. Another awesome perk, which was recently announced, is that the ultimate Egyptian cuisine restaurant, El Brens, is now the official food caterer of the national football team for the duration of AFCON 2019.

Nasser El Brens, the adored owner of the Imbaba-based restaurant, revealed to El Watan Sports that the meals follow the strict dietary and nutritional needs outlined by the national team's medical team, with rest days being an exception where players get to order whatever they may please from El Brens' uber popular dishes.

Now if that won't motivate the players, nothing will.