Monday December 11th, 2023
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Egypt’s Next Mo Salah Might Just Be A Girl

The 1000 Girls, 100 Dreams Initiative will teach young women to bend it like Hamm.

Staff Writer

In the latest #girlboss news, the British Council and the National Council for Women are teaming up with the Directorate of Youth and Sports in Wadi El Gadid to train 125 young girls on their quest to become football legends. The initiative is called 1000 Girls, 1000 Dreams (so cute!) and will be starting in the second half of February.

The programme will be recruiting 25 girls from five different youth centres in the governorate, which will be trained and overseen by professionals from the sports industry for six months.

The future Mia Hamms will be provided with sportswear throughout the training period, at the end of which they hope to put together a women’s football team to represent Wadi El Gadid, and we are so on board.