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Egypt's Version of 'Alice in Wonderland' Sets Sales Record for Egyptian Theatre

Wait what?! There's an Egyptian Alice?

Egypt's version of the play “Alice in Wonderland" official broke sales record in Egyptian theatre history, with close to EGP 1 million earned after only 40 showings at the Balon Theatre.

The play, which was fully booked the entire week, is based on the novel by English author, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson who wrote it under the alias of Lewis Caroll.

Written and directed by Mohsen Rizk, the Egyptian version of the play stars Marwa Abdel Moneim, Diyaa Shafik, Hany Abdel Moatamed and Basma Maher. Rizk adds that he was thrilled to see so many Egyptian families interacting with the show and the cast.Alice in Wonderland follows a young woman who falls into a rabbit hole and finds herself in a fantasy world where she gets to meet absurd characters like the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts and more. The book was later adapted into several films, with the earliest one dating back to 1903, and the most famous one being the Disney version, released in 1951.

The classic's most recent remake is the Hollywood movie “Alice Looking through the Glass”, which was a sequel to “Wonderland” and featured A-listers like Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Ann Hathawy as the White Queen. 

Main Photo From Theatre Script