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Egypt’s new electric buses go full force with AUC-Tahrir line

You can soon go green with your commute between AUC and Tahrir Square.

electric bus

Egypt has introduced a transportation line for eco-friendly electric buses in Cairo. The transportation line will operate between the American University in Cairo and Tahrir Square.

The new buses will undergo a testing trial throughout the next six months, at the end of which the exact number of vehicles to be purchased will be determined. The military-produced buses will be electrically charged in a state-owned garage using a specialized appliance.

Along the bus route, there will be stops at Street 90, the Air Force Hospital, FUE, Ramses, the Ministry of Finance and Abbasiya.

The Public Transportation Authority celebrated the release of the prototype today, along with the release of twenty new transportation buses that use natural gas. These eco-friendly vehicles are an exciting new addition to Cairo’s current transportation infrastructure. Will these buses change the way you travel in Cairo? Let us know in the comments below.