Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Egypt to Spend EGP 300 Million to Curb Excess Rainfall in Alexandria

With exceptionally wet weather exposing the gaps in Egypt's infrastructure, the government has decided to spend over EGP 300 million to upgrade rainwater drainage networks, starting with Alexandria.

Staff Writer

The past few years have seen some of Egypt’s harshest winters yet. We're guessing it's because of climate change, but whatever the reason may be, it’s gotten a bit much. Between last winter’s three-day dragon storm and the hail storm that just recently occurred, it's become harder to ignore some of the gaps in Egypt’s infrastructure - particularly when it comes to the lack of rainwater drainage networks. But now, cities across the country are getting the reboot they need, starting with the coastal city of Alexandria, home to some of the rainiest weather in Egypt.

EGP300 million will be allocated to projects aimed at easing the damage caused by rainfall. Multiple emergency teams have already been deployed numerous times this year in Alexandria to suction water from streets due to excessive rainfall which caused flooding, school closures, and property damage. According to the Prime Minister, crowded alleyways and slums have been getting the worst of it, making these upgrades a priority.