Monday December 11th, 2023
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Egyptian Parliament to Debate Eliminating Gas-Fueled Vehicles by 2040

There are more than 2 million gas-fueled cars in Cairo today, and that's just cars.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Parliament’s Energy and Environment Committee is currently working on integrating electric cars and eventually eliminate gas-fueled cars in Egypt by 2040.

The topic was brought to the table by parliament member Abdel Hamid Demerdash, who pointed to global examples of the shift to energy efficient transportation. Demerdash emphasized the benefits other countries have received from their shift and the potential Egypt has to gain the same.

Electric vehicles use an electrically powered motor, making it the cleaner alternative to traditional gas-fueled vehicles that emit gases that are harmful to the environment and the public's health. The switch from gas to electric could potentially save Cairo, a city of more than 2 million cars, a lot of pollution, considering our capital has recently ranked as the world’s second most polluted city.

“By 2040, all cars across the world are supposed to be electric,” said Electricity Distribution Sector member Husseini al-Far.

Far also stated that Egypt and has been working on a solid plan of action for Egypt to adopt electric cars and how to collaborate its different ministries to bring the plan to fruition.

“However, we still need more legislations on customs, tax, and solar energy stations,” he added.

Trade Minister Tarek Kabil issued an order allowing the importing of used electric cars no older than three years last March. He stated that the rules currently set in place for importing cars exclude used cars, but electric cars will be an exception in order to promote the greener choice.

Kabil stressed that the environmentally conscious and cost-efficient governments around the world are in the process of being switching to electric cars globally, using the United Kingdom as an example, which plans to completely prohibit gas-fueled cars on their roads by 2040.

Main Image: Gulf Insider