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Egyptian Actor Ahmed Rateb Spotted Wearing Pyjamas at an Ahwa

The silver screen veteran was spotted getting a tad bit too comfortable around Cairo. Like shibshib and pyjama bottoms comfortable.

Egyptian actor Ahmed Rateb has been getting a bit too comfortable around the city. Photos of him sporting a tank top, pyjama bottoms, and a shibshib at an ahwa have recently circulated on Facebook. He could just be trying to camouflage his celebrity appearance, or maybe he has just gone mad. Who knows?

The critically acclaimed actor has appeared in over 60 films most of which have gone to gross millions of pounds; he has starred alongside silver screen giants such as Gameel Rateb, Adel Imam, Ahmed Zaki; and Yusra. He had a long and fruitful on and off screen relationship with the latter two with whom he starred in El Irhab w El Kabab (Terrorism and Kebab) and Toyoor El Zalam (Birds of Darkness).