Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Actress Entisar Mohamad Says Women Should Comply with Polygamy

Egyptian actress and TV host Entisar Mohamed, has just told women to accept their husbands marrying a second wife because it will prevent him from cheating and being in ‘unlawful’ relationships.

Staff Writer

Egyptian actress and TV host of Nafsana on Al Kahera Wal Nas, Entisar Mohamad, has stirred controversy after encouraging women to accept their husbands’ desire to marry several other women in order to prevent them from engaging in ‘unlawful’ relationships.

The host reiterates that even if women discover their husbands have already married without their knowledge, they should accept the reality because “either way he looks to other women.” Mohamed also believes that the acceptance of a man having a second or third wife will be beneficial to her, as she will know his whereabouts at all times instead of him cheating behind her back.

Her justifications seemingly disturbed one of the guests on the show to the extent that she put her hand on her chest in disgust and said, “No, no, my heart."

View the video with subtitles below:

Video retrieved from Middle East Monitor.