Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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Egyptian Ad Fails

Ah, Egyptian advertisements… they're so damn bad that they're epically good. There is potentially nothing else on earth that is as simultaneously befuddling and lol-worthy as these ads...

Staff Writer

Egyptian Ad Fails

We all love to hate them, but we cannot deny that they make us fall to the floor laughing. Here are some of Egypt’s worst commercials ever. 

1) Mamdouh Farrag giving you advice on how to lose weight… 

2) We're fairly certain the brains behind this ad was a 12-year-old white girl. 

3) Just when you thought Egyptians couldn’t love Sisi any more than they do, they come up with this...


4) Feel like this video looks somewhat familiar? That's because the Dahab Happy music video is being played in the background. 

5) We have nothing to say about whatever this is...