Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Egyptian Airport Security Victoriously 'Flips the Bird' After Confiscating EGP 1.36m Hidden in Ducks

What the duck? A man was caught smuggling EGP 1.36 million hidden in frozen ducks and all anyone on social media is talking about is the security guard giving the camera the middle finger in celebration.

Staff Writer

Earlier Today, EGP 1.36 million has been found stuffed in raw ducks in the luggage of a man en route to Kuwait, according to Al Wafd. Port security manager General Hossam Nasr caught the man, who goes by the name of Tamer, in customs, smuggling the duck-filled money in Asyut airport. Tamer’s luggage had initially passed the first phase of airport screening without the ducks being detected.

After discovering the money hidden within the ducks, the team behind the bust decided to pose for a photo with one guard 'flipping the bird' in celebration, which has since gone viral on social media. 

According to Sadaa News, The smuggler is an Egyptian who originally resides in Abnub, Asyut. He has a bachelor degree in science, specialising in mathematics, and works in a foodstuffs company in Kuwait.

The offender has since been in the custody of police and the ducks have been kept for evidence, and the investigation is ongoing.  

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