Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Egyptian-American TV Host Hoda Kotb Becomes Co-anchor of NBC's Today Show

With her sterling track record as a news anchor, correspondent and all-around American TV personality, Kotb’s new position is becoming of her talents.

Staff Writer

2018 seems to be going pretty good so far, and in the latest of a recent string of good news for Egyptians as well as women the world over, charismatic Egyptian-American news anchor and TV host Hoda Kotb has been named Co-anchor on NBC’s “Today Showalong with long-time Today Co-host, Savannah Guthrie.

Kotb had taken on previous Co-host Matt Lauer’s position temporarily following his ouster amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace by more than a few women. With Kotb taking on the new position, ratings for the show have been positive despite beliefs that Lauer’s absence may cause them to plummet, “Today” managed to beat rival show “Good Morning America” for several weeks following Lauer’s dismissal.

"I am pinching myself," said an elated Kotb. "I think we should send some medics to Alexandria, Virginia, where my mom has likely fainted after hearing the open of that show." Kotb’s journey into journalism started when she was a broadcast journalist in New Orleans as well as Fort Myers, she later joined NBC News in 1998 as a correspondent for “Dateline.” Kotb had been a long-time co-host of the fourth hour of the show alongside Kathie Lee Gifford since 2008, a role which she will continue to keep. 

With a massively positive reception from fans and viewers of Kotb and the show, in addition to the praise and support she has received from peers and co-workers, Kotb's new position could possibly be the most significant and impactful decision NBC has ever made.

Photo from Today.