Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Egyptian Home Décor Brand Curates Artsy Items From Around the Globe

The furniture you need at the prices you deserve.

Staff Writer

If home is where the heart is, then why do all our homes end up looking the same? Trying to make a house a home in Egypt is a real struggle when all stores follow the format of antique salonat that look like hand-me-downs from your grandparents. Online shopping is an option, but it’s a real struggle browsing through catalogues when anything remotely different is sold at highway robbery. With The Foyer, you can finally decorate your home the way you want at the prices you deserve.

The Foyer is a brand that turns homemaking into an art form, providing a diverse catalogue of home decor that they hand pick from all around the world. Jala Maher and Farah Heiba, classmates since elementary school, created The Foyer inspired by their own struggle of finding pieces for their home.“Over the last 2-3 years while going through the process of furnishing our own homes, we realized the market has a void and is in desperate need,” they explained in an interview with Cairoscene. “We had to literally travel around looking for those unique and exotic pieces which stand out, and at a reasonable price.”

This lead them to take matters into their own hands. They resolved that they would embark on a journey to offer the Egyptian family a variety of contemporary furniture and unique household accessories from around the globe. When picking their pieces, they strive to deliver only the rarest and most unusual creations that catch their eyes.

The duo had their initial soft launch in November 2017 to get a flavor of the market. As things evolved and began to look promising, they held their mega launch with their official Instagram account in March 2018. Their products can be bought through their Instagram with doorstep-delivery, providing maximum accessibility to customers.


As for the price range, it varies from product to product. This depends on whether the product is an accessory, furniture piece, imported or locally manufactured. Their focus is to offer the best product at the fairest price, as their priority is serving their customers fairly and maintaining the loyalty they’ve established.

“Egypt is evolving, and we want to be ahead of the curve by ensuring our after sale service matches the rest of the developed world.  We want to win the customer for tomorrow before making a sale for today.”


You can buy their products on their Instagram page via direct message.