Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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A Single Egyptian CEO Made it on the World Economic Forum's List of 100 Global Leaders Under 40

Eva Pharma's CEO is the only Egyptian to make into this year's World Economic Forum list for the 100 global leaders under 40.

Staff Writer

Riad Armanious, Eva Pharma’s CEO made it on the World’s Economic forum’s 2018 list of 100 global leaders under 40 and he’s the only Egyptian to be a part of the list this year.

The list is compiled of the world’s top individuals within several fields spanning from art to technology to social entrepreneurship. The criteria for those nominated judges an individual based on their groundbreaking work, innovative problem solving and their aptness in building bridges across cultures and between businesses, governments and civil society.

Armanious is one of the nine global leaders from the MENA region on the list. He is an Egyptian entrepreneur who transformed what started out as a small family business into one of the MENA region's fastest growing pharmaceutical manufacturers. His philanthropic work includes a foundation he created to educate youth in development programmes for social and economic amelioration.  

Following their nomination, the young global talents join the World Economic Forum’s community of young global leaders and partake in a five year programme that will challenge their skills and aid them in becoming more influential leaders.

The World Economic Forum - which was established in 1971 - works towards ameliorating the world by encouraging leaders of society to successfully mould global, regional and industrial programmes.