Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Egyptian Calligrapher Attempts Guinness World Record with 700 Meter Handwritten Quran

This mindblowing hand-crafted masterpiece is a whopping 700 meters long.

Staff Writer

An Egyptian calligrapher is hoping for a Guinness World Record after completing what he hopes will be the world’s largest handwritten Quran ever. Saad Mohamed Heshish spent three years embellishing and handwriting his masterpiece.

His calligraphed Quran is a magnificent 700 metres long and includes the entire holy book, along with the 99 names of Allah and an index at the end. To reduce the cost of the materials needed, Heshish used mixtures of natural spices for colouring. Although the master calligrapher did not complete his education past the fifth grade, he has spent his life educating himself, buying books with the money he makes from a clothing store he owns.

Heshish is hoping to submit his creation to the Guinness World Records, as while there is a record for the world's biggest printed Quran, there is currently no record holder for the biggest handwritten one. The calligrapher is hoping to obtain financial help to cover the costs of applying for the record.

Photos: Al Arabiya, The Independent