Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Cat Journeys for 17 Days on Boat From Egypt to London

One exceptional Egyptian cat somehow managed to inadvertently embark on a seafaring adventure from Alexandria to England - surviving the journey without food or water...

Staff Writer

Ok so we all know that cats always kind of do their own thing. They'll only come to you if they want to, they’ll only let you pet them if they want you to, and the same goes for playtime, meal time, etcetera, etcetera. You could say they are mostly independent. Well one cat took the word “independent” to a whole new level.

When the name Sinbad comes up, you tend to think of the classic animated movie about an adventurous seafaring pre-teen. Well now every time you hear the name Sindbad you’ll be thinking about this cat.

Ironically this cat and the cartoon character share a common trait; a love of adventuring. Sinbad the cat managed to make his way from the port of Alexandria, Egypt all the way to Nottinghamshire, England. You may be questioning how this cat managed to embark on such a journey. Let us enlighten you. Sinbad managed to sneak his way onto the back of a transport ship heading to England without being noticed. This phenomenal cat then managed to crack open one of the crates full of linen and make itself a nice and cosy bed with the contents of the crate.

This cat must have surely loaded up on its share of koshary and ta3meya prior to its journey as Sindbad managed to go for 17 days without food and water. That’s pretty epic.

After docking in England and the crates being moved into the warehouse, staff workers began to hear cries. Graham Monteath, Managing Director at Mediterranean Linens, said his staff could not work out what the noise was, stating they thought it was a baby.

Then Sinbad finally decided to reveal himself to the world by poking his head out of the container and upon discovery was fed a delicious steak by one of the workers. After he was found, the workers called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) to come care for the surely struggling Sinbad.

He is currently in a 4-month quarantine, recovering. Way to go Sinbad for you journey. Perhaps once day you shall write a book about it. Think we can conclude that, like the rest of our citizens, Egyptian cats are some tough S.O.B’s.