Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Egyptian Artist Tackles Depression with his Paint Brush

This is the Egyptian artist that is personifying depression through his paintings

Staff Writer

Egyptian Artist Tackles Depression with his Paint Brush

Depression is a phenomenon in Egypt that is often associated with its own set of negative connotations that are in and of themselves destructive . Many an Egyptian would often rather go undiagnosed, than consult with a professional from fear of being labelled as 'unstable' or 'crazy'. However, it has to be said that over recent years the stigmas that come with mental health are being tackled by a number of Egypt's youth. Egyptian artist Sief Hamza, for one, is utilizing his painting skills to shed light on the ripping anxiety and pressure that comes with depression. 

Having struggled himself from bouts of chronic depression, he paints a picture of the silent mental and emotional struggle. In a series of evocative paintings portraying his personal battles, Hamza delves into a darkness that finds its cure in  self expression done through paints of a brush, and a subtle explosion of emotions in color.

Check out his paintings below

Photos by Sief Hamza.