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Egyptian Doctor Hoda ElMaraghy Receives Canada's Highest Civil Award

Egyptian-Canadian professor Dr. Hoda ElMaraghy has just been recognised for her efforts in the field of Mechanical Engineering with Canada’s highest civil honour, the Order of Canada.

Just days after Nadeen Ashraf and Maggie Gobran were selected as part of the BBC’s ‘100 women of 2020’, a certain renowned Egyptian-Canadian woman who has been recognised for her efforts aboard. Dr. Hoda ElMaraghy has just been awarded the ‘Order of Canada’ - known as the highest civil award in the country - for her contributions to the the field of Mechanical Engineering, and her work to enrich the global industrialization field, making her one of the top academics in her respective field of study.

Currently, Dr. Hoda ElMaraghy is a professor and director of Canada’s University of Windsor’s Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Centre, which she founded with her husband Dr. Waguih ElMaraghy. In 1994, she was appointed as the Dean of Engineering by the University of Windsor, marking the first time a woman has been appointed in that role across Canada. She is also the first Canadian woman to obtain a doctorate in Mechanical Engineering, having earned her Ph. D. in 1976.