Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Female Olympian Collapses At The Finish Line

First-time Olympian, runner Fatma El Sharnouby, faints after finishing the women's 800m race.

Staff Writer

Reported by Kelmeti News, The Sun UK, and Al Ahram Online, 18-year old Egyptian Fatma El Sharnouby who competed in the women's 800m race at Rio 2016, on August 17th, fainted right after passing the finish line.The reasons for her collapse are not yet clear, however, there are some assumptions about the temperature being incredibly high. This is El Sharnouby's first time to compete in the Olympics; she finished the race at 2 minutes, 21 seconds, and came in eighth place.

She was carried out on a stretcher after collapsing, and her condition remains unknown.

All images are courtesy of The Sun UK.