Friday December 1st, 2023
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Egyptian Gold's Gym Under Fire For Body Shaming Ad

So apparently, the Dreamland Gold's Gym branch in Egypt is not okay with women looking like kometras so they posted a picture. People didn't think it was funny.

Staff Writer

Sometimes Egypt makes headlines for fantastic things, sometimes not so much. Case in point, the Dreamland's Gold's Gym branch posted a picture of a pear, using it as an example of how women shouldn't look. The post gained tremendous momentum in just one day with women all over the world expressing their anger and frustration at this blatant body-shaming. Although they removed the post from Facebook, the internet is not a forgiving place and we managed to get our hands on the posted picture regardless: 

 As the comments - and anger - started pouring in, they realized what a huge mistake it was...and issued an apology, which didn't make things any better.

So Gold's Gym Egypt got involved, clarifying that their position was not in any way reflected in what the Dreamland branch has posted and issued an apology stating that this was not a message they would ever want to deliver to a community. "We are appalled as we would never support this type of insensitive image portrayed to the minds of our members and we would absolutely never allow a sub franchisee to behave in this way," Mohamed Nassif Chairman of Gold's Gym Egypt said in a statement.

It wasn't enough, since with the official Gold's Gym account also issued an apology where they said they would be taking legal action and terminating the franchisee's license.

At this point, screengrabs of the pic are still going viral and everyone is sharing their honest feelings on social media. 


We were particularly amused by's response:

Before the page went down, the branch's newest ads were still receiving massive hate.