Wednesday 1 of February, 2023
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Egyptian Government Approves Construction of Catholic Church in the New Capital

The Catholic Church is getting a foothold in the New Capital.

Staff Writer

The Roman Catholic Church of Egypt will be moving forward with the construction of a Catholic church in the New Administrative Capital of Egypt, according to Egypt Independent.  Father Hani Bakhoum, the spokesman for the Roman Catholic Church in Egypt, stated that construction was approved on Thursday and that an area of 6000 meters squared will be allocated for the church.  

This new Catholic Church will be joining the largest Coptic Church in Egypt, as well as the Coptic Pope's new headquarters in Egypt at the New Capital.

The New Administrative Capital is part of the Egyptian governments plan to deal with congestion, overpopulation  and improve the country's infrastructure and will cover approximately 270 square miles and house approximately 5 million people, with 1250 mosques and churches, almost 2000 schools and universities as well as a park that will be double the size of Central Park in New York City, and to cap it all off it will also have an international airport.

Main Image by Al-Ahram