Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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Egyptian Actor Karim Kassem Reveals in TV Interview that his Mother is Jewish

Catching TV host Mona El Shazly off-guard, Egyptian actor Karim Kassem announces his mother is Jewish, while giving a rare insight into his unique interfaith family's background.

Staff Writer

Egyptians are getting to know heartthrob Karim Kassem, who's starred in movies such as Welad Rizk, a lot better after the 30-year-old appeared on television explaining is unique family background and disclosing that his mother is Jewish.

Appearing on Mona El Shazly's television show this week, Karim gave viewers some personal insight into his family background. According to the famous actor, his grandfather was Muslim and his grandmother was Christian, while his father is Muslim and his mother is Jewish.

Growing up in a diverse interfaith family, Kassem explains that he learnt to embrace Islam, Christianity and Judaism from a young age. Despite being Jewish, Kassem’s mother made sure to teach him how to read the Quran and during his childhood the family celebrate all three faiths' religious holidays.

Realising that he caught El Shazly off-guard with the revelation, Kassem made sure to point out that his family is extremely patriotic and loyal to Egypt, making clear to differentiate between supporting Judaism and rejecting Zionism.