Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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Egyptian Hotel Entertainer Pretends to Shoot Guest After Tunisia Massacre

Just one day after tragedy struck Sousse, an insensitive Egyptian animation team continued with their James Bond routine, shocking tourists on the beach at Sharm El Sheikh.

Staff Writer

British tourists at Domina Coral Bay resort in Sharm El Sheikh were shocked last week when, just a day after gunmen killed 38 beach-goers in Tunisia, the Egyptian hotel went on with it's 'comedy act' that involved one entertainer pointing a fake gun at their heads.

Inspired by James Bond the act sees an Egyptian entertainer wearing a tuxedo and running up and down the beach with an imitation revolver and holding tourists at gunpoint.

The insensitive skit is apparently a regular on Domina Coral Bay's entertainment schedule and has been performed at least twice since the terrorist attacks in Tunisia which saw at least 30 British tourists killed. According to the Daily Mail, hotel guests have complained to the management, with no avail. Is the Ramez Galal Effect going to affect Egyptian tourism?