Wednesday October 4th, 2023
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Egyptian License Plate Sold for Nearly 2 Million Pounds in an Online Auction

A customised license plate has just been auctioned off online for 2 million pounds.

Staff Writer

On Monday evening, an Egyptian license plate with a unique registration number that would translate as “most important 1”, sold at an online auction for nearly 2 million pounds. You read that right. An otherwise worthless sheet of metal sold for more than the price of a Mercedes E180.

According to ElWatan News, it was sold by the General Traffic Authority through a website affiliated with the Ministry of Interior specifically dedicated to selling license plates. A slightly bizarre service to provide indeed. It was sold for the final price of one million and nine-hundred and seventy-thousand pounds after a fierce bidding contest between six business men. Rich playboys are known for their eccentric and ostentatious spending habits, although forking out this much on an unspectacular license plate is unprecedented to say the least.

The proceeds were donated to the Tahya Masr foundation, so at least it's theoretically going to a good cause. The online auctioning website had also previously sold other customised license plates for several hundreds of thousands of pounds each. Coloured scrap metal is a lucrative market it seems.

You can check the Interior Ministry's online auctioning website for yourself here.