Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Egyptian Man Publicly Reveals His Persona As The First Egyptian Male Porn Star

An Egyptian-Italian man has publicly admitted that he is a porn star working abroad in Italy.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Man Publicly Reveals His Persona As The First Egyptian Male Porn Star

Sherif Abu Ayneen – a half-Egyptian, half-Italian man who goes by the name of Sherif Taliani – has recently revealed through social media that he is a porn star working in Italy. Taliani claims to be the first Egyptian male porn star, a dubious claim as it requires that people ignore the plethora of amateur videos starring local Egyptians, which can be found all over the web on various porn sites.

The young man was recently featured in a local Egyptian TV show called Good Morning Egypt. While his career was not revealed on the show, he's since made numerous posts online detailing the nature of his work. Taliani discussed his love of adventure and excitement on the show, and displayed a range of impressive physical feats, such as doing flips and jumping off a bridge into the Nile."Don’t be shocked when I develop myself and have my own character as a porn star. Every actor started young and developed himself. And what made me put my foot in the door of the world of porn will make me evolve. God is great. Trust in God's success," Taliani says.

Strangely enough, Taliani, seems to be trying to present himself as a religious man. He regularly posts on his Facebook account referencing his faith in God, and even advocated for the creation of a religious police due to the rising number of atheists and non-religious people in society.What inspired the young Egyptian-Italian to pursue a career in porn was an ex-girlfriend who spurned him. Unfortunately for him, his career shift does not seem to have had the therapeutic effect he had hoped for as he still seems bitter about the break-up, considering the fact that he wrote a post addressed to his ex-girlfriend claiming that his sexual prowess has now made him desired by women across the world.

It is unknown at this time whether the porn star ever intends to return to Egypt and what kind of legal ramifications that may have, but according to his Facebook posts, he is quite the patriot.

Image retrieved from Sherif Taliani's Facebook page.