Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Egyptian Media Production City to Re-Open Magic Land?

Magic Land (or more like, animal abuse land) is opening again in 2016, after a four-year closure.

Staff Writer

After being shut down for four years, due to escalating conflicts between the theme park operator, Fun City Company, and landowners, Egypt's Media Production City (EMPC), a court ruled in favour for the EMPC in 2013 and now they're said to be bringing the long-deserted theme park back to life.

The company has announced to be opening the park again in 2016, in hopes of boosting their stock performance and affect the company positively.

Despite having signed agreements with foreign investors to take charge of Magic Land and handle all that comes with it, we're still not sure if the EMPC is yet ready to start launching their previously criticised park! We can't help but wonder; will the dolphinarium nightmare also be revived along with the park ?

We can only imagine things getting shaky if the company decides to bring back its dolphin (horror) shows, and keep animals within their property they are not even qualified enough to keep healthy. The only thing to do now, is wait for the reactions of animal rights' activists and support any actions that will help save animals. No one wants to watch a show at the cost of a helpless creature's well-being.