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Egyptian Men’s Swimwear Brand KAI Releases Quirky and Colourful New Collection

We'll have one in every colour, please.

Egyptian Swimwear Brand ,KAI, is Making our 2019 Summer All The More Colorful

With the advent of summer, beaches all over Egypt set to welcome a swarm of holidaymakers and a veritable peacock parade of hot bikinis and glistening abs, meaning that the importance of serving the right swim shorts can never be underestimated. Having one singular article of clothing making or breaking your look makes the stakes immeasurably high, but Egyptian brand KAI Swimwear's latest collection provides ample opportunity to look your sun-worshipping best.

Arriving in an eleganza of daring colors and playful off-beat patterns, this is one surefire way to stand out amidst the spades of gaudy-chasing beach bros, for whom forma is a way of life.

While KAI Swimwear has been constantly delivering hot, stylish shorts ever since its founding in 2018, its latest collection is sporting even bolder colors and quirkier patterns.

Check out KAI Collections' Instagram, Facebook, and its website.