Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Model Wins ‘Man of the World 2017’

Another day, another international Egyptian achievement as Mustafa Galal Al-Azali snatches the gold medal at the 'Man of the World' competition.

Staff Writer

Last Friday, Mustafa Galal Al-Azali, an Egyptian fashion model, has been crowned the ‘Man of the World’ solidifying his stature as the most handsome and intelligent man to participate in the competition. Al-Azali, who graduated from Alexandria University’s Faculty of Commerce, overcame 26 other contestants to eventually snatch the first place in the finale which took place in Pasay, Philippines. Vietnam’s Nguyen Ho Long, and Palestine’s Waseem Sahyoun were awarded the silver and bronze medals, respectively.

When asked why he deserves to win the ‘Man of the World’ title, Al-Azli responded by saying that “if given the chance to be Man of the World, he has to be man of his word. Three keys for Man of the World – being humble, simple and believe in himself. And that’s how can he be responsible in his attitude, his mentality and everything. And he has to be an inspiration to every man, anytime and anywhere.”

Here is a detailed look at the Man of the World 2017: