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Egyptian Motorcycle Rally Revs Up in Sakkara on September 19th

Organised by the Egyptian Motorcycle Federation and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the winners of the Egypt Motorcycle Rally may form Egypt's official national motorsports team

Do you hear that? The sound of a motor starting in the distance? Roaring in the wind like the call to the wild, inspiring only the most X-TREME of acts in our hearts. Maybe it's just a delivery driver on his bike, or merely some rando who's really mad that they’re stuck in traffic. Or maybe it's the future champions of the Egypt Motorcycle Rally, an upcoming event from the Egyptian Motorcycle Federation! Starting September 19th, motorcycle enthusiasts will gather to tear through the Sakkara off-road desert area - and victory will bring more than just the chance to flex their motor skills.

"The Egyptian Motorcycle Rally is organized under the Egyptian Motorcycle Federation and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and consists of three rounds," Ahmed El-Sawy, the event's project manager, told #CairoScene. "After the third round, the winners will form the core of the national team for motor sports, which will participate in multinational events like the Arab Championship at the beginning of 2021, and could even represent us in Europe." These winners will also get prepped up in training courses outside Egypt to participate in the World Rally Championships!

The rally is hoped to raise awareness of motorsports in Egypt, especially with the presence of the Ministry and the governor of Giza to give its results that extra air of legitimacy. To prove their worth on a national scale, racers will rip up the rough 6 km track at a total distance of 60 km by the end of the event. Motorcyclists can enter into one of three categories: the less-than-450 cc class, the over-450-cc class, and the quad bike class. The window for participation will close on September 10th, and anyone who gets accepted will need to get to the Sakkara Country Club on September 18th for technical inspection. If you feel like you've got what it takes, go to to learn more.