Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Egyptian Olympic Swimmer Farida Osman is Now the Third Fastest of All Time

Farida Osman has been stacking up medals since she was 11, and now, she has just won her first individual NCAA medal in the US, making her one of the fastest swimmers who have ever lived.

Staff Writer

After stacking up record-smashing Olympic titles, Egypt's fiercest swimmer Farida Osman reached new heights, becoming the third fastest swimmer in history, Swim Swam reports.

The achievement was attained after Osman won her first ever individual title at America's National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) on Friday, after finishing a 100 yard (91 meters) race in 50:05 seconds. The swim was the 7th fastest in history and beat her own personal best of 50.40 seconds by a third of a second. This makes her the third fastest woman in history.

(Seven Fastest Performances in History, Swim Swam)

The 22-year old Egyptian athlete, who began swimming with her brother at the age of six at the Gezira Sporting Club, has been tearing up national and global swimming records from the age of 11. Do you feel the inadequacy?

"Achieving this national title was a goal that I had since the beginning of the season, I worked in and outside of pool to make it work and avoid all distractions and I am very happy to have achieved what I achieved!" Osman tells Cairoscene.