Monday December 11th, 2023
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Egyptian Pact to Reduce Cartons Waste Signed at COP27

The Egyptian Pact for Used Beverage Cartons Waste was established on the sidelines of COP27, bringing stakeholders together to eliminate waste material.

Cairo Scene

Locally produced beverage cartons are getting an eco-friendly makeover, with The first Egyptian Pact for Used Beverage Cartons Waste has been established at the sidelines of the COP27 UN Climate Change Conference in Sharm El Sheikh. 

Through this pact, a variety of recyclers, collectors, producers, governmental institutions, and non-governmental organisations will work together to eliminate waste materials generated from beverage cartons.  The pact was established in cooperation with key industry stakeholders including Juhayna Food Industries, agrifoods company Beyti Egypt, food solutions and packaging company Tetra Pak, and cardboard manufacturers Uniboard.

Since beverage cartons are already recyclable and paper-based, the Egyptian Pact for Used Beverage Cartons Waste will implement an infrastructure for efficient recycling and production.

The partnership will also work toward engaging with customers and the public through educational activities to raise awareness on the importance of waste management.