Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Puppeteers To Take Part in Russia's Prestigious International Puppet Carnival

Unfortunately, Abla Fahita didn't make the cut.

Staff Writer

In a spot of manipulated news this fine Saturday afternoon, members from the Kayan Marionette Independent theatre’s Puppet show “Puppets got talents” will be participating in the International Puppet Carnival in Russia, which will be taking place on August 20th 2018.

The festival will be taking place in Yekateringburg, and is considered one of the best worldwide in the Carnivals category. The festival will see several international artists take part in the event. which will be using Petrushka dolls.

The Kayan Marionette Independent theatre in Egypt aims to keep the art of puppeteering alive by hosting workshops and putting on puppet shows among other puppet-related activities.

The team’s participation comes as an effort from the Ministry of Culture to encourage Egyptian youths in improving their creativity skills and having a creative form of expression.  

While sources are divided on whether puppetry actually originated in Egypt, there is evidence that documents its practice in Ancient Egypt. Puppets are believed to have been used in Egypt in 2,000 BCE. Puppets made of clay and ivory were found in Egyptian tombs as well as hieroglyphs portraying "walking statues" in religious dramas. 

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