Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Egyptian Space Agency to Launch EgyptSat 2 in December

Set to launch from China on December 3rd, the satellite will be used to monitor climate change and Egypt’s water resources.

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Egyptian Space Agency to Launch EgyptSat 2 in December

The Egyptian Space Agency (ESA) is set to launch a remote sensing satellite, EgyptSat 2, on December 3rd. EgyptSat 2 is the first mini satellite model of its kind in Africa, with 35% of the device having been manufactured locally. It is capable of an altitude of 350 km and a resolution of 2 km.

EgyptSat 2 has been tested in collaboration with the Chinese government at ESA’s Satellite Assembly, Integration and Testing Center (AITC) in 2022, with the purpose of tracking Egypt’s water resources in order to assist in resource planning and land management. The satellite was built using a grant of USD 92 million overseen by the China National Space Administration, and will be launched from China.

The satellite is part of ESA’s efforts to localise space science technology. The space agency is currently cooperating with entities in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Sudan and Nigeria to launch a joint satellite called ‘The African Development Satellite’.