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Egyptian Swimmer Becomes First UN Special-Needs Spokesperson from MENA

Mohamed Al-Husseini is most known for being the first Egyptian swimmer to attempt to swim the English Channel.

Mohamed Al Husseini is the first rep for the Mental Disability Association part of the UN

The Mental Disabilities Association Committee, part of the United Nations for Arts (UN-Arts) has chosen pioneering Egyptian athlete, swimmer Mohamed Al-Husseini, as the official representative for the association, regionally and internationally. The organisation was founded in 2014 to spotlight artists and innovators and allowing a platform to display their accolades, while reflecting on heritage and culture.

This milestone marks a great stride in mental disability representation on grand scales, as Al-Husseini becomes the first official rep for the association in Egypt and the MENA region.

The appointment of Al-Husseini comes as recognition of his accomplishments, most notably for being the first Egyptian swimmer with Down Syndrome to attempt to cross the English Channel, which separates Southern England and northern France, at the age of 18.