Wednesday March 22nd, 2023
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Egyptian Woman Assaulted in Kuwait For Defending Child

The Egyptian woman was defending a child who'd gotten hit by a bicycle, and some Kuwaiti women decided to teach her a lesson.

Staff Writer

Egyptian national and Kuwait resident, Fatma Aziz, was assaulted and beaten with a slipper by a group of Kuwaiti women last week for defending her friend's son after one of the attackers hit him with a bicycle, Aziz announced on Mesa' DMC talk show last night.

Aziz claims she'd been walking next to her friend's son when a woman riding a bicycle knocked over the young boy, after which she jumped up to his defence. According to Aziz, once the girl on the bicycle realised that Aziz was Egyptian, she started beating her and was joined by four of her friends, with one of the assaulters telling Aziz to mind her own business as the boy is not her child. Aziz added that she would've defended the kid even if he were a stranger. 

The medical analysis for Aziz's state after the assault shows a fracture in her finger and several bruises. Aziz adds, "I found more injuries after getting back home and they also hit me on the head with a shoe."Aziz is pressing charges on the women.  "“I’ve lived in Kuwait since 2011 and all my work is with women. This has never happened before. I won't back down with the charges because this is our right as expats," added Aziz to Mesa' DMC.

The police have arrested the group of women. Minister of Immigration and Expatriates Affairs, Nabila Makram Ebeid has clarified that the Kuwaiti forces are looking into the incident and she is confident that the necessary legal action will be taken against the women, putting her full trust in the Kuwait justice system.