Sunday 5 of February, 2023
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Egyptian Woman Buries Neighbour’s Daughter Alive

After burying her friend’s daughter in an abandoned house, a Menoufiya woman then joined the search party for the three-year old girl.

Staff Writer

In the Menoufiya governorate a woman buried her neighbour’s daughter in a nearby deserted house then participated in the search party.

After three-year old Ganna went missing, her grandfather contacted local police who launched a search party, before residents then discovered the girls body three days later in an abandoned house.

A police investigation showed that the young girl was playing with the neighbour’s son hours before she disappeared and consequently the mother was then taken to custody. In custody the mother broke down and admitted that she was the one who buried Ganna, explaining that whilst the girl and her son were playing on the roof, the son pushed Ganna who fell from the second floor and lost consciousnesses. Fearful that Ganna’s family would seek revenge and kill her son or that she would face charges by the police, the panicked mother buried the girl in a deserted house.

Trying to cover her tracks she attempted to make it seem like a kidnapping sending the family messages asking for a ransom of LE40,000 for the return of the child.