Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Egyptians Are Spending More Than Ever on Valentine's Day Gifts

Egyptians now spend 718% more on Valentine's Day gifts than they did a decade ago.

Farah Ibrahim

We’re not sure if it’s Miss Rona making us sentimental or our national consumption of Turkish dramas, but one thing is for sure— we’ve gotten very lovey dovey. Or at least our wallets have. According to MasterCard’s annual Love Index, spending on Valentine’s Day in Egypt has increased by a whopping 718 percent over the last decade.

To really break it down, spending on flowers shot up by (wait for it) 3409 percent, jewellery by 1418 percent, and restaurants by 294 percent. Online shopping has also steadily reached an all-time high with an increase of 1134 percent in online Valentine’s Day transactions over the past ten years. Really gets you wondering— where on Earth is OUR present?!