Monday 30 of January, 2023
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Egyptians’ New Viral Hashtag Dubs Healthcare Workers as ‘Egypt’s White Army’

Egyptians on Twitter have dubbed doctors and nurses as a ‘white army’ in reference to their white lab coats.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Twitterati have taken the internet by storm, flooding timelines with immense gratitude for the hard work and long days that have passed for our healthcare workers. The viral trend, ⁧#شكرا_جيش_مصر_الابيض⁩, dubs healthcare workers as Egypt’s ‘white army,’ and we aren’t surprised by the comparison because our doctors and nurses have truly remained militant in the face of the adversity.

People have even taken the time to create artworks and animations in honour of the healthcare workers facing the pandemic head-on, and of course, in good-natured Egyptian fashion, a whole slew of memes have flourished within the hashtag.

Healthcare workers have also taken to Twitter themselves to post selfies, live updates from work, and share health advice within the hashtag. As the pandemic continues to grow every day, unfortunately things may not be getting any easier for Egyptian doctors and nurses any time soon. But they can at least rest assured knowing that Egyptians all over the country haven’t taken their efforts for granted.