Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Egyptians Second Most Generous International Hotel Reviewers

According to analysis of hotel reviews on, Egyptian tend to rate their travel experiences more positively than others.

Staff Writer

Egyptians Second Most Generous International Hotel Reviewers

Congratulations Egyptians! We’re on top of a list created by, one of the world’s leading accommodation sites, for the generosity of our hearts.

Over seven million hotel reviews were analysed in a July 2015 Travel Smarts survey, rating nationalities who’ve made enough best and worst reviews on the website to make meaningful comparisons of their scores. Russians were listed first and most generous, with Egyptians coming in second!

Travellers rate hotels on a scale of 0 to 10. The global average review score of hotels is 8.52 out of 10, and according to statistics, UAE hotel reviewers have proven to be the toughest, least generous and most demanding travellers, coming in last on the list for giving review scores of .32 points lower than the global average, with Indian, Omani and Japanese reviewers closely following through, while Egyptians along with Russians give significantly higher scores of .47+ higher than the norm.

Hotel reviews and ratings clearly reflect the travellers’ spending power and general standards of living. Should we be concerned for having generally little to no standards of living? Or ought we revel in the fact that we’re low-maintenance and easygoing?