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Egyptians Take to Twitter To Name The New Capital City

The whole country is buzzing about our future capital city. But what will it be named? Egyptians are tossing out suggestions on Twitter...

Egyptians tend to have a lot of ambition but often lack in imagination. Whenever building a new city, developers have plenty of ideas on how to make the area unique, but often fail to give the area an inspiring name, opting instead to call it ‘New’ Cairo or 'New' Giza and so on. On Friday The Capital Cairo website went online giving Egyptians their first peak at Egypt’s future capital city. Fearing that this new capital will be called New New Cairo, Egyptians have taken to social media to suggest their own creative names for the future capital city.

In case you slept in all weekend here is a video showing off the grand plans for Egypt’s futuristic capital city.

In a sea of hilarity, the number one trending topic currently on twitter in Egypt is the hashtag;  اقترح_اسم_لعاصمة_مصر, which translates to Suggest_A_Name_For_Egypt_Capital. Here are some of our favourite suggestions so far. 

Translates to (The Land of Illusion)


Translates to (The Big Pimp)


Translates to (Fatheya)


Translate to (The Mother of Skulls)


Translates to (The Mother of The World)


Translates to (Super New Cairo)