Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Egypt's First Horror House Will Scare The Toughest Person You Know

The Horror House in Mirage Mall makes us want to hide under the covers and sleep with the light on.

Staff Writer
Just because it’s not Halloween doesn’t mean you and your friends shouldn't intentionally scare the bejeezus out of yourselves. Nothing like gathering up the squad and screaming your faces off while actors in scary costumes (who are enjoying this way more than you are) chase you around. It’s a bonding experience that will totally benefit your effectiveness as a team in the impending zombie apocalypse. 
Getting an experience like this in Egypt has been a tough quest to fulfill though. There’s a difference between fun-scared like a horror movie, where you are not actually in any danger but the illusion gives the reptilian part of your brain a jolt, and real-life-Egypt-scary. The latter manifests itself every time you try to cross the road, or have a close call with a donkey cart.
That’s all changed now though with the 1st Egyptian horror house in The Mirage Mall. Now you and your friends can totally piss yourselves in fear on purpose! Like so many good horror flicks the story set up by the seriously demented masterminds revolves around a haunted house. The place is home to three sisters who are seriously screwed up. One is a Ms. Jekyll type crazypants who will smash your face, the next has acquired a taste for human blood and will totally eat your face, while the third is a jilted lover who you don’t to be left in a room with. Y’now ‘cause of what she’ll do to your face.
So if somebody you talks a big talk bring them here and see how quick they scream like a baby, because seriously this shit is terrifying. 
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