Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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El Fusion at CJC

People have been fusing things together since the beginning of time. Cairo Jazz Club are following suit, but raising the stakes with a line-up of incredible amalgamations...

Staff Writer

El Fusion, which roughly translates to ‘the fusion’, at Cairo Jazz Club is a brand new concept-night doing exactly what it says on the tin. Fusion has been occurring since the beginning of time. God fused man and woman through the process of copulation to produce… More men and women. Men and women then proceeded to fuse further: rum and coke, cheese and crackers, molokheya and rice and now, after thousands of years of merging, Cairo Jazz Club has created the ultimate fusion. For the next four Tuesdays, they’ll blessing the nightlife scene with unique amalgamations of local and international live bands for unprecedented musical synergy. Get ready for El Fusion. 

Tuesday 14thMay - Zeid and the Wings (Lebanon)/Abo Wel Shabab

The first fusion will feature the sexy, retro sounds of Lebanese rockers Zeid and the Wings and local legend Abo Wel Shabab. Zeid and the Wings fuse together an eclectic mix of Indie, Rock, Reggae, Electro and Arabic Folk sounds that will leave you flying high in a compounding emotional cocktail of elation and awe. They will be smelted together the brilliant Abo Wel Shabab whose infectious lyrics, soft Rock and acoustic harmonies have gained him the title of the most beautiful acoustic man in Egypt named Abo. 

Tuesday 21stMay Autostrad (Jordan)/Salalem

The second in a series of musical mergers will feature both Autostrad from Jordan and homegrown favourites, Salalem. Autostrad (not to be confused with the lethal Cairo highway which leads you to the airport) are Indie Pop heroes,whose catchy Mediterranean sounds will have you shaking it up all night long. Autostrad’s musical stylings are complimented perfectly by the fun and funky tunes of Cairo’s most beloved band, Salalem. These guys need no introduction…But we will give you one anyway: Salalem will make you rock out with your sock out with their hard-driving satirical lyrics and uplifting pop vibrations. 

Tuesday 28th May - Ghalia Benali (Belgium) + Fathy Salama/ Darwasha

The almagamations continue with a showstopping line up for CJC's El Fusion Round III. Up-and-coming Electro-Rock outfit, Darwasha will open the night with a bang, setting the tone for what is bound to be an unforgettable collaboration between Belgian Jazz-fusion heroine Ghalia Benali and the Grammy-winning Egyptian maestro himself, Mr. Fathy Salama. Trust us, this will be something you've never heard before.

Tuesday 4th June - Ribab Fusion (Morocco)/ Sara El Gohary

For the final night of El Fusion, CJC will be bringing together Ribab Fusion and Sara El Gohary. Singer/songwriter Sara El Gohary will be opening up the night and regaling everyone with her original compositions and celestial voice. Then, hailing from Morocco, comes Ribab Fusion who couldn’t be more perfect for a series of nights spotlighting incredible fusion music. They will not disappoint as they take you through a musical journey through fields of Reggae beats, roads of Jazz hooks and gardens of echoing Blues which will eventually lead you into a utopia of eclectic musical ecstasy. BAM! Fuse that! 

As usual, you can book your spot at any of the El Fusion nights through Tazkarty.