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El Morabba3: Bringing the Sound of Amman to Cairo

This Tuesday sees the Jordanian band prove that it's hip to be square as they take to the stage at Cairo Jazz Club with their Post-Rock hits.

Once in a while, Cairo Jazz Club's stage transforms into a platform for international artists, taking on Egypt's best party crowd for an extraordinary night. Tuesday, December 2nd will be one of those nights. For the first time ever, Jordanian Indie band El Morabba3 performs a much-anticipated gig at Cairo's favourite night club, bringing their music as well as their message across the border. Their meaningful music, which is inspired by the streets of Amman and Jordanian history, has spread across the region to delight a new generation of music lovers, sick of mainstream Pop. Needless to say, Cairo Jazz Club is ecstatic to welcome them to their stage - and so are we.

El Morabba3 have been together for five years, garnering a cult-like following which is really saying something given that their hometown of Amman, Jordan, is the Middle East's Indie Rock capital, meaning competition is hot. As a square has four equal angles, so does El Morraba3. One angle holds haunting vocals, the other holds meticulously arranged lyrics, and then comes the ambient guitar sounds and intense melodies that fill the air around the rebellious words, and finally the melodic grooves that carry everything out. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to catch El Morabba3 while they're venturing abroad.

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