Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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El Waseya Can Help You Send Messages to Your Loved Ones After Your Death

No matter what your posthumous message is, this platform will make sure you're heard from beyond the grave.

Staff Writer

We all know we can get a lawyer to help us write a will for when we die, but what if we've got something else we want to get off our chest after we pass away? Like a secret half-brother or a Swiss bank account in your name? Founded by Abdallah Ali, El Waseya delivers any posthumous confessions, letters, or secret documents you had locked up tight to whoever you want to see it. They can also check up on your loved ones every six months after your passing, and can open a ‘sadaqa garya’ in your name.

The company launched back in December, and operates based on a monthly payment plan. It only operates in Egypt currently speaking, but will soon be expanding to neighbouring countries in the Arab world.