Monday 5 of December, 2022
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ElVenue Does AlBernameg

Change up your regular family Fridays for an evening out at the gorgeous ElVenue where they'll be screening ElBernameg every weekend...

Staff Writer

Have you gotten into the routine of going out with your family every weekend, only to do the same thing week after week, just so you can say that you spent quality time together when in reality everyone is tweeting, texting, or emailing their friends about how bored they are? Mall, crappy chain restaurant lunch, cinema, home to catch El Bernameg, repeat. It’s easy to get stuck in this rut, but it doesn’t have to be this way. ElVenue has set up something really special that this city hasn’t seen in a really long time. It’s a place where everyone in the family can enjoy themselves, and not in the obnoxious ‘let’s go skipping through a meadow holding hands and singing’ type of way. No. It’s more like ‘let’s go eat great food, relax in seriously lush gardens and STILL watch El Bernameg’ because this Friday, and every Friday, ElVenue will be showing Bassem Youssef’s show on massive screens as you order your favourite treats so you don’t have to rush home to catch it.

There really is something for everyone at ElVenue, no false advertisements here. In the lovely garden, there are several food options to suit everyone’s tastes with Shaolin, if you’re into Asian cuisine, Le Chef, for a more international palette, and Boosters, for pizza and other yummy options. Kids won’t be nagging and annoying because they too will be too busy dispersing their energy in the massive kids area with bouncy castles and other fun activities like face painting and arts and crafts. If it’s shisha you like, why not smoke it in the great outdoors with some fresh air as opposed to a sketchy, dimly lit restaurant in the overcrowded city? We’re convinced this is going to be the Friday hotspot of the summer.

Find out more about ElVenue and all their offers and events on their Facebook fanpage here or follow @ElVenueEG on Twitter.