Monday June 24th, 2024
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Electric Scooters are Joining Egypt's Official Ambulance Fleet

The Ministry of Health and Population’s new initiative is saving people and the environment all at once.

Cairo Scene

Electric Scooters are Joining Egypt's Official Ambulance Fleet

Electric ambulance scooters are joining Egypt’s ambulance fleet, quickly coming to the rescue of Egyptian citizens and the environment alike. The Ministry of Health and Population implemented these scooters to the Egyptian ambulance services to help with urgent cases, since the electric scooter is faster and better equipped to navigate narrow streets and crowded areas efficiently.

The electric scooter will be fully supplied with emergency kits and necessary medical equipment to take to accident sites. The scooters can move for up to 100 kilometres after one full charge, without releasing any hazardous gas emissions.

The new service comes amidst multiple eco-friendly Egyptian initiatives launched recently, with increased attention to climate change in Egypt, especially since the country will host the COP27 UN Climate Change Conference in Sharm El Sheikh this November. The electric scooter ambulance service will be one of the successful initiatives showcased at the conference, and part of an extensive national strategy prioritising the use of clean energy.